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Explore THE metaverse with goldmand

Craft, Mine, Stake. Choose your strategy and became the ruler of the Metaverse.


Goldmand is an expandable ecosystem on the WAX blockchain that aims to build a sustainable platform combining P2E, Staking, Yield Farming, Rewards Programs and high-value NFTs usable in multiple ways.

But also, our players can become part of our galactic fantasy incarnating as one of three different alien races and taking the role of miners, warriors, adventurers, or even space pirates.

Everything can be possible in the lands of Goldmand!

  • TOTAL Volume

    9,886,135 WAX ($6,423,507)

  • 24h Volume

    11,016 WAX ($2,355)

  • #1 on WAX CHAIN

    4 TIMES


    30K + members



GOLDMAND Mining game

At the heart of the Goldmand Metaverse, three sister planets coexist: Earth, Treon, and Vion. Each one populated by different alien races and fantastical creatures.

However, since the dawn of time, the three worlds have been in an eternal war for their planetary resources.

And what can you do here? The answer is simple: Craft your own tools, work on a piece of land and even own part of your home planet. Use your resources wisely and build the future of your race!


There is a place where warriors from across the Metaverse meet in epic battles to test who is the most skilled

The creatures of the Planet Vion are horrific, brutes and predators by nature. The childrens of Alvar are powerful masters of ancient magic., and humans... well, they are the most tricky creatures that you will face.

Would you dare to fight in the arena? Maybe for your god, your planet, your home?

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Cade Gaming PH
Savage Gaming


    • Conceptual Design Phase
    • Website launch
    • Company Registration
  • PHASE 1 Q1-Q2
    • Mining Game Alpha Testing
    • Free Magic Pass Drop
    • AtomicHub Whitelisting Checkmark
    • Mining Game Beta Testing
    • Tools Sale
    • Goldmand Mining Game release
    • Amulets Sale
    • Amulets Update release
    • Lands Sale
    • Lands Update release
  • PHASE 2 Q2-Q3
    • Mini games
    • Referral system
    • Battle Arena Alpha Testing
    • Battle Arena Beta Testing
    • Characters Sale
    • Goldmand Battle Arena release
    • Free Drop event for Pass Holders
  • PHASE 3 Q3-Q4
    • Binance Bridge and GMD Listing
    • Development of Goldmand Adventures
    • Goldmand Adventures release
  • PHASE 4 2023
    • Goldmand Gaming Hub for Android and IOS
    • Metaverse Expansion and New Games



Have a question? frequently asked questions

What is Goldmand?

Goldmand is a GameFi platform that aims to build a sustainable ecosystem through P2E games, Staking, Yield Farming and Reward Programs.

On which blockchain does the platform work?

Currently we are only running on the WAX Blockchain, but we have plans to expand us to the Binance Smart Chain in the future.

To know how to create a WAX wallet, please click here.

What games are available in Goldmand?

Currently only our Mining Game is available. The next game to be released will be Goldmand Battle Arena, which is planned for early Q3.

What are the tokens that I can earn with Goldmand?

Our economy is based on a circular model with three main tokens that feed each other: GMF (Goldmand Food), GMM (Goldmand Mineral) and GME (Goldmand Energy).

But also, the model has a fourth token: the GMD (Goldmand), a utility token required for various functions and whose main source of issuance is as reward for contributing to our Liquidity Pools.

How can I earn playing the Mining Game?

To start playing you need to log in here, create an account and choose a race. Once you have chosen your race you must choose a Land to mine. The next thing will be to equip at least 1 tool and deposit enough tokens to consume and execute the mining attempt.

After you get your rewards, you can keep your profit margin and trade the rest to get enough resources to consume and mine again.

How can I earn by providing Liquidity?

To provide Liquidity you must enter here to create your pairs and stake the amount you want. According to your percentage of participation, you will be assigned with an amount of GMD that you can mine throughout the day.

Where can I sell and buy tokens?

You can sell and buy our tokens in the Alcor Market, or you can also do it in the internal Swap that we have in the Mining Game.

How can I buy NFTs?

Our NTFs can be purchased on WAX markets that support the AtomicAssets standard, such as AtomicHub or Neftyblocks

What makes Goldmand NFTs different?

As we aim to create an infrastructure that intertwines our games, Goldmand NFTs will be able to be used (in one way or another) in all of them.

Where can I find more info?

Our Ecosystem document as well as the Goldmand Battle Arena Whitepaper are still being designed. For now you can read the Whitepaper of our Mining Game, and also our Medium.


There is no better way to get the most out of something than understanding how it works. Read the whitepaper of our mining game and be at the forefront of the metaverse!